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Life Alignment addresses many aspects of life and is an inclusive system, which combines elements of ancient and modern wisdom, in a simple and effective way.

It was designed by Jeff Levin, Doctor of Natural Medicine and bio architect.

It is a constantly evolving technology that adapts harmoniously to the needs of people and the environment, to the point that we can consider it the technology of the future, aimed at supporting the Earth, its elements and inhabitants during their life process.

Why Body-Mind-Spirit

Today we know that Spirit can influence Body and Mind and vice versa. When we access deep Spiritual Healing, we see positive effects on our whole being, including the Body and the Mind.

You have the answer

Through Life Alignment you can connect to the Universal Field of infinite Wisdom and access your true answers in a comprehensible language, recognising with precision the deep needs of your body as well as your Being.

The Environment impacts your wellbeing

Find out how Life Alignment can teach to discern the type of energy surrounding you and how this can impact the level of wellbeing yours as well as of others.

Re-charge your food with Spiritual Energy!

Food too has an energy field and this can easily be re-harmonised to nourish not only your Body but your Spirit too: this is done thanks to the Vortex Technology, which is part of the Life Alignment System.

Life Alignment in its founder’s words

“Life Alignment is a energy-healing system,
a support to face the many challenges of life and discover
the true Purpose of our life.”
Jeff Levin


Since 2014 Life Alignment Academy aims to mainly train Life Alignment Practitioners and Teachers trough a group programme, organised on 3 Levels

In order to transmit this surprising System in the easiest, clearer and purest way possible,
every procedure and aspect of the System has been discussed, reviewed and reorganised in cooperation with Jeff Levin, to whom we feel immense gratitude for his help and support.

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