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The LA Academy organises and offers the highest professional and cutting-edge training programme, creating a network of competent, renowned and well-prepared Practitioners and Teachers who can generate a continuous and progressive expansion of the Life Alignment teachings in the world.

The LA Academy guarantees the authenticity of the original teachings and offers consistently new teaching and training interdisciplinary methodology with the support of any technological means of communication.

Foundation pillars of the Life Alignment Academy

  • Teaching the founding pillars of the system that are implemented in the so-called “balance”, or the process through which the transformation of people’s limiting beliefs and jammed mechanisms takes place
  • Supporting students through their entire transformation and learning process
  • Tailor-made for everyone’s needs:
  1. People looking for the best training programme to become a “helping relationship” professional
  2. People who already are professional experts and wish to widen and deepen their skills with unique, effective and fast-to-learn techniques
  3. People who wish to use safe and powerful tools to support themselves and their family’s wellbeing.
  • Fully integrated personal and professional development training programme based on the whole body-mind-spirit connection
  • Teaching to guide the Client through a deep personal evolutionary change, to their complete fulfilment.
  • Providing the necessary soft and hard skills to a professional, effective and long-lasting approach to helping relationships

Training programme

It offers a 3-level programme meeting any need: from moving the first steps to being an established professional

  • LEVEL 1: learn the foundation of self-healing using the System on yourself and your family surroundings
  • LEVEL 2: Integrate the Emotional Process in your profession to guide your Clients through their personal evolution process
  • LEVEL 3: Become a Life Alignment Academy Practitioner refining your personal qualities and professional skills

Level 1 content

  • Use of the pendulumand muscle test to precisely identify the priority issue to work on
  • Test and raise the energy level (or vibrational quality) of food, drinks, medicines, supplements and any other product
  • Energy protection for yourself, your home and office spaces
  • Facilitating an energy healing process for yourself and others, even at distance.
  • Deepening the relationship with yourself through profound inner spiritual healing experiences

Level 2 content ​

  • Energy balancing of meridians, subtle bodies and chakras
  • Facilitating a complete “Emotional Process”
  • Group sharing and personal development activities
  • Personal and group practice and assessment
  • A 2-day healing intensive workshop with Jeff Levin, founder of Life Alignment
  • Life Alignment advanced proceduresand priorities
  • Further delevopment and deepening of the “emotional process”
  • Advanced level of Vortex Tecnology
  • Group sharing and personal development activities
  • Personal and group practice and assessment

Level 3 content

  • You go through the most effective and thorough personal evolution journey
  • You learn thefounding pillars of energy medicine
  • You learn the energy correspondence to body points and organand bring them into alignment with the human field
  • You have a personal Tutor who will guide you and support youthroughout your training programme, in class and back home
  • You become part of a cohesive group promotinghuman kind evolution
  • You have free access to the LA Academy web-forum and e-learning platform containing video tutorials, manuals and material
  • The Life Alignment Academy is currently running in Turin, Italy and Amsterdam, NL. Its scope is to be developed in any other country in the world
  • After completing your training programme, you will be welcome to repeat academy classes for free any time.We love having you back!

Advantages of the LA Academy Training Programme

The 3-Guarantees of the LA Academy training programme

The 3-Guarantees of the LA Academy training programme:

QUALITY: we are dedicated to provide you with the highest quality only. Every single element of this evolutionary programme has been meticulously designed. This is the best way to learn Life Alignment. We know we can claim this. To ensure the maximum level of quality we take care of your personal journey: we take you hand in hand and guarantee your excellent level of preparation. This is possible thanks to the limited number of students that we accept for every course.

TRANSFORMATION: by committing on this healing journey, you will start witnessing your own transformation almost immediately. In the weeks to come after starting the programme, you will notice more and more changes happening in your daily life. Our mission and passion consist in helping you achieve these results and we will do everything in our power to support your success.

LONG-LASTING CHANGE: the teachings in this programme will bring new energy in every aspect of your life, while you will discover a whole new level of healing, growth and transformation. We firmly believe that this training programme has the power to offer you the enrichment that your Light Being is longing for.

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