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Life Alignment addresses many aspects of life and is an inclusive system, which combines elements of ancient and modern wisdom, in a simple and effective way.

It was designed by Jeff Levin, Doctor of Natural Medicine and bio architect.

It is a constantly evolving technology that adapts harmoniously to the needs of people and the environment, to the point that we can consider it the technology of the future, aimed at supporting the Earth, its elements and inhabitants during their life process.


  • It can be applied to many areas of life and aims at transforming and releasing the person’s blocked issues.
  • It unlocks “jammed mechanisms” and transforms limiting beliefs, by enhancing the inner qualities of the individual who, by acquiring awareness of them, becomes more able to express them responsibly.
  • Life Alignment is based on the principles of modern sciences such as Quantum Physics, Kinesiology and Neuroscience.
  • And, at the same time, on the principles of ancient knowledge such as traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine

Its characteristics

  • The precision in identifying the priority issue to work on, which then opens up access to further issues
  • Life Alignmet works by priority, as it identifies the door that gives access to further levels of awareness, depending on what the recipient is ready to face. We use specific tools for this, such as pendulum and muscle test, which allow us to access information from the client.
  • The speed of a tangible result.
  • The involvement of the person’s resources and the respect for their values.
  • Unlike other methods and therapies, the person is an active participant of their change.
  • The role of the Life Alignment Practitioner is to guide the client through this process.
  • The treatments process can be personalised both for its duration and the frequency.
  • Regain well-being and self-confidence.
  • Be the best version of yourself.
  • Recognize the lessons from your past so that you can fully live your present
  • Change your perception of reality to an expanded and profound vision.
  • Learn how to see new solutions.
  • Free yourself from old pains and limiting patterns, acquiring a proactive and constructive attitude.
  • Reclaim your talents and express them in your life.
  • Be present to yourself.
  • Find that you can act rather than react.
  • Master and take personal responsibility for your emotions, choices, and of
  • Live your life in fullness and serenity.

Your results

  • Life Alignment is designed for anyone looking for an authentic and profound way to accelerate their personal transformation, in any area they want to grow or solve problems.
  • For those who want to express their talents to the fullest, in all areas of life.
  • For those who want to rediscover the possibility of a more peaceful life, in harmony with people and with the whole Planet.
  • For those who wish to enhance their environment, such as their homes or workplace.

Who is it for

A simple name with profound meaning

What do we mean by aligning life? When we recognise the power we have to transform our lives, we are ready to express our full potential, rediscover wellbeing and balance which, in return, will manifest in the physical world around us. In this way, we can witness an amazing ever-growing transformation of every aspect of our life.

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