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Life Alignment is a modern, cutting-edge technology, arrived in the early 90’s that Jeff has received from a Spiritual Dimension.
Life Alignment is a whole complex and extended system that we can consider as inclusive because it includes aspects of a diversity of holistic approaches and it is applicable in multiple fields while maintaining its foundation principles of transforming and releasing blockages in people’s lives.
It is a living organism evolving together with our Planet, so much that we can define it as the spiritual technology of the future supporting Earth and its inhabitants throughout their evolutionary process.

A simple name with profound meaning

What do we mean by aligning life? The inner transformation journey that we walk with Life Alignment happens through and by those same Laws that rule the whole Universe. So, when we align our life with that Source of Life within us, we can reconnect to our true nature of spiritual beings. It is only by recognising that this IS our true nature that we are ready to express grace, wellbeing and balance which, in return, will manifest in the physical world around us.

As we slowly open to align ourselves to our spiritual essence, we can witness an amazing ever-growing transformation of every aspect of our life.

WHO is it dedicated to?

  • Life Alignment is for anyone seeking an authentic and profound journey to speed up its own spiritual evolution, grow or solve issues in any area of life
  • For those who wish to discover their life true purpose, finding the most authentic meaning of their presence here and now on Earth
  • For those who want to best express their talents for the Highest Good of everyone, in any area of life
  • For those who wish to experience the connection to their heart, rediscovering a more fulfilled and harmonious life
  • For our environment, i.e. our homes and workplaces
  • For the Earth, nature and all its inhabitants and elements

  • Life Alignment is a gift given to humanity for their growth towards consciousness expansion, heart opening and more trust for ourselves, other and the Universe
  • To acknowledge teachings from the past and fully live the present in accordance with our soul true purpose
  • To help our Planet healing from past memories of wounds still vibrating in its soil, waters, plants and minerals, so that the Planet can support our own healing process

What is the mission of Life Alignment?

One of the unique elements of Life Alignment is its capacity to address a variety of aspects of our life, all of them in fact: the person, groups, organisations, the environment, the planet.

And how does it work exactly?

  • It works by priority as it identifies the door that can be opened before any other and which gives access to higher level of consciousness, depending on how the receiver is ready to deal with the issue. We use specific tools, like the pendulum or muscle test, that allow us to draw information directly from the client
  • It re-aligns the person to their personal power, making him more aware of their true identity as spiritual being, in connection to their Divine Source
  • It releases blocked issues in the person’s life, transforms their limiting beliefs, strengthens their personal qualities and help them to express them responsibly.

How does it work?

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