The Life Alignment Academy boasts a splendid group of tutors who, while embarking on the path to becoming Life Alignment Teachers, are the concrete support for students both in the classroom and outside. Essential occurrences and great firm point throughout the training process.

In their profession as Life Alignment practitioners, our tutors, in addition to offering Treatments in their own studio, all also work remotely via Skype or Zoom for those who are far away or have no possibility to move.

Francesca Chiarmetta

My professional life begins with a 10-year experience in Marketing and Communication in Paris and London working for a big corporate. This period ends when I suddenly feel a deep urge to drastically change my life.

The journey of self-growth and spiritual search that I embarked on leads me in 2004 to one of the most important moments of my life: my encounter with Jeff Levin. Immediately blown over by his healing system I decide to take the first serious steps on the Life Alignment journey. As a client first and a student shortly after, I experience and integrate some profound changes. I complete my training and become Life Alignment Practitioner in 2006, when I return to my home country, Italy. Since then I run a busy practice in Turin and teach this system with great passion and deep gratitude while constantly thriving for self-growth and spiritual awareness.

Among the numerous trainings completed, in addition to the Life Alignment one, I consider the three-year degree course in “Integrated Counseling” and the Master in “Organisation Counseling” as the most important ones. I have been a certified Counselor since 2014.

2014 represents another essential landmark in my life as a long-dreamed project comes to life. I co-found the first Life Alignment Academy in the world, the most comprehensive professional training programme to become a licensed Life Alignment Practitioner.

Since then my work focuses on expanding the Life Alignment System, especially through the Academy training programme, in Italy as well as in other countries.

In addition to training students, I also run energy-healing workshops. My private practice is based in Turin, Italy and I also offer sessions via skype, whatsup or zoom.

You can contact me here: +39347 6905374 or

Cherry Tyfield
Teacher supervisor

I qualified as a Life Alignment practitioner in 1997 in Cape Town, South Africa, having trained with Dr. Jeff Levin, the developer of Life Alignment. In 1999, I moved to London, and being the only Life Alignment practitioner there, I set about spreading the Life Alignment word! In 2001 I qualified as an Advanced Practitioner and teacher, teaching the Practitioner Training Courses, as well as training advanced practitioners to become teachers themselves. I have a thriving practice in London and Europe, and love travelling to Norway, Sweden and Holland to run training courses and treat clients.
As the UK Coordinator for Life Alignment, I work closely with Jeff in the development of Life Alignment public seminars and facilitate at all the seminars and workshops he leads.

Monica Secco

Danzatrice coreografa autrice, artist research movement and composition, insegnante movimento somatico, teatrodanza e drammaturgia.
Naturopata medicina psicosomatica,
Operatrice Life Alignment e Tutor LA Academy.
Direttrice Artemovimento, centro coreografico.

Ricevo su appuntamento nella zona di Torino Centro/Vanchiglia
Tel. 348 383 9624

Emanuela Simonetti

Il mio percorso di crescita personale, iniziato molti anni fa, è stato arricchito con la mia formazione in diverse modalità olistiche: Touch for Health, Touch for Learning, Riflessologiaplantare, Naturopatia, Bars ed infine il Life Alignment  che mi ha permesso, e tutt’ora mi dona, una guarigione profonda. Sono diventata Operatrice di questo meraviglioso Sistema e ho ideato la tecnica Life Reflexology, che integra il Life Alignment   nella Riflessologia.
Ad oggi, con gioia, sono anche Tutor presso la LA Academy e in formazione per diventare insegnante.

Ricevo su appuntamento nella zona di Torino San Paolo.
Tel. 347 814 7893

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